My Background

Born in 1963 I grew up on a farm in Mpumalanga and went to technical high school at the age of 14 in 1977. Being a technical school in those days we were taught how to use hand tools and the basic theories of about every trade. When I graduated high school in 1981 I had acquired a fair amount of skills and knowledge equal to a N3 National Diploma.

After two years of army I continued my training at a large electrical utility company as an apprentice. During this time the real development of my skills took place. I learned to use all kinds of hand tools and most power tools. The training was very good and often training would take place in well-equipped training centres with instructors teaching the finer details of not only my particular trade but also other general skills.

By the time I qualified as electrician in December 1985 I effectively had skills training for 7 years!

Building on my 'basic' training since those days I have acquired many more skills outside my trade as electrician. Skills like carpentry, plumbing and metal work to name a few. I have changed a clutch on one of my own cars, twice, and have even repaired other car problems.

I taught myself about computers, software and hardware. I love photography and Photoshop. I am the webmaster for a webpage but I don't like computer games.

Running my own business the last couple of years has taught me even more skills like book keeping and people management. The list goes on.

But, it's not only me. There are hundreds of other guys who can tell very similar stories and have acquired a vast array of skills during their work career. The skills and experience of these people are being lost to the new generations because of the lack of training opportunities. There exists no venue for transference of knowledge or experience.