The Motivation

I have been working for myself since 1996. One of my personal biggest problems has always been to find staff/assistance/helpers that are able to do the work. In SA you can pick up any amount of daily workers next to the road but the problem is that they are mostly completely un-skilled in the use of any tools and mostly do garden work. All of the guys have told me they would like to learn but being a one man business there is just no time to teach someone.

Through the years I've used hundreds of different guys and I know of one who had the skills I needed. Many of these daily workers are from a neighbouring country and I think it would be wonderful if they can also be taught so that when they go back they can rebuild their own countries. Perhaps even setup businesses and employ other workers.

The need is just so big. I firmly believe that as many as we can teach will start to overcome poverty and improve their lives. Each skill they can be taught will improve their chances of permanent employment.

In society there exists a negative attitude towards people who work with their hands. I want to change that. I want people to become proud of what they build/make/construct with their hands. Back in the mid 80's I have installed some electrical distribution equipment all over Sandton and even today when I drive past I say to myself, I've build that. I want to cultivate a pride for doing things with one's hands. When they stand back and look at what they have achieved they must think, Good Job!